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    Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 Dropper Seatpost Black 31.6mm - 498mm 213mm Drop - No Remote

Bike Yoke

Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 Dropper Seatpost

Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 Dropper Seatpost

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Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 Dropper Seatpost


Height-adjustable seat posts are among the innovations that hardly anyone missed until they appeared - but are now indispensable. One gets used to the practical additional function quickly and easily, a push of a button and the seat post can be lowered or extended. In a matter of seconds, the bike can be changed from a climbing position that is easy to climb to a downhill-oriented step-less freedom.

BikeYoke presents a sophisticated technical solution for this type of seat post. The REVIVE stands out from the competition with coherent details, shines with extreme user-friendliness and smart design, without neglecting the perfection of the product - an all-round successful product.

125 mm, 160 mm or 185 mm infinitely adjustable lowering with a low installation height, solid weight, perfect lever ergonomics and an unrivaled smooth operation even at low temperatures make the REVIVE the new reference.

The REVIVE is the first and only support on the market that has a patented REVIVE valve. With this, the seat post can be vented in a few seconds and thus reset. The REVIVE has a very simple hydraulic system based on the principle of an open oil bath. Other supports separate oil and air with a floating piston. The problem with using a floating piston is that a 100% seal must be guaranteed. Otherwise air moves past this piston to the oil side and the seat post begins to spring when extended. In practice, no seal can ensure a long-term 100% seal and so many supports often have to be serviced to be vented.
The REVIVE does not need this separating piston and thus guarantees a defined and easy operation. If there is an air intake in the oil bath, you can bleed extremely quickly and just as easily via the seat post head without dismantling the seat post or the saddle. 4 mm hexagon socket Tool or ventilation key (quick reset lever), turn 30 ° as far as it will go, retract the support and turn the tool back - done.

The REVIVE is designed in such a way that a complete exchange of wear parts such as plain bearings and guide blocks is possible within a few minutes with standard tools and without extensive previous knowledge.


  • Material: aluminum
  • Material screws: stainless steel
  • Diameter: 30.9 mm | 31.6 mm
  • Length: 498 mm (extended | control (without Bowden cable) to saddle frame)
  • Operation: Triggy (for 1-speed drive) | 2-by (for 2-way drive) remote lever with internal control (optional)
  • Adjustment range: 213 mm
  • Offset: 0 mm
  • min. Insert: 131.4 mm
  • Max. Insert: 264.5 mm
  • Max. possible usable height: 334.8 mm (upper edge of seat clamp to saddle frame)
  • Compatibility seat stays: round (7x7 mm) | oval (7x10 mm)
  • How it works: pneumatic / hydraulic with mechanical control
  • Max. Driver weight: 115 kg (including equipment)
  • Color: Black

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