Not only are cycling gloves a huge warming advantage throughout the winter – it’s not always easy or pleasant to cling on when you can't feel your fingers! – but they’ll also provide extra grip between your hands and the handlebars. Choose from brands like Fox Racing, Giro, Gore, Endura, 100% and Pearl Izumi


Gloves Buying Guide

When it comes to cycling, one of the most important pieces of gear you can invest in are gloves. Gloves help to protect your hands from the elements and from painful blisters, and they can also help improve your grip on the handlebars. However, not all cycling gloves are created equal. Mountain bikes require a different type of glove than road bikes, for example. And within each category, there are different styles and features to choose from. This guide will help you select the right pair of cycling gloves for your needs.

First, consider what type of bike you will be using them for. If you mountain bike, you'll need gloves that provide more protection from the elements and from bumps and scrapes. Look for gloves with thicker padding and Reinforced palms. If you road bike, you'll need gloves that are more lightweight and breathable. Look for gloves with gel padding and perforated palms.

Next, think about the features that are most important to you. Do you want gloves that are touch screen compatible? Do want reflective fabric for safety? Do you need a built-in moisture-wicking system? Make a list of your must-haves so you can narrow down your choices.

Finally, try on several pairs of gloves to find the ones that fit best. Pay attention to the size and fit of the glove, as well as the material. You want gloves that are comfortable to wear and won't slip around while you're cycling. With these factors in mind, you'll be sure to find the perfect pair of cycling gloves for your needs.

Guide to Our Brands

7iDP produces innovative protective gear and glove line to match. Their Transition and Control gloves feature a minimalist design for breathable, low-profile coverage. The Project Glove offers outer knuckle protection for when things get spicy. And, the Chill glove offers up light insulation for those cool shoulder season days.

Fox Racing is one of the most respected names in mountain biking, and their gloves are among the best in the business. Made from lightweight yet durable materials, Fox Racing gloves provide a snug fit that doesn't sacrifice dexterity. The palms are padded to absorb vibrations and prevent hand fatigue, and the fingers are reinforced to resist abrasion. Specialized grip patterns help you keep a firm grip on your handlebars, even when your hands are sweating. And if you happen to take a spill, the gloves are designed to minimize the risk of injury. Whether you're racing down trails or just cruising around the neighborhood, Fox Racing gloves will help you ride in comfort and style.

Similar to their jackets and jerseys, they have 3 tiers of equipment, each of them tailored to certain types of riding.

The Defend series will see the most armor and durability at the cost of breathability. These are targeted at Downhill racers where what is considered a small crash could put someone out for a while. The Flexair line will be the most breathable and least protective. It is considered the opposite of Defend. This line is targeted to those who spend a lot of time in the saddle riding however they please and prefer premium gear to do it in.

Finally, the Ranger gear is perfectly in the middle, and the most affordable. It is in between the Defend and Flexair lines in terms of protection and breathability, but where it beats them both is the price tag. Ranger is targeted at someone who doesn't want to break the bank when they shop for riding gear, all while receiving the top end quality that Fox is known for.

While many cyclists prefer to go gloves-free, there are several reasons why Pearl Izumi's Road Bike Gloves are worth considering. For one, they're designed to help reduce handlebar vibration, making for a smoother ride. In addition, the palms are padded to provide extra cushioning, and the fingers are reinforced to help prevent wear and tear. The gloves also feature a touchscreen-compatible thumb and forefinger, so you can use your phone without having to take them off. And if you happen to get caught in a rainstorm, the gloves' water-resistant fabric will keep your hands dry. Whether you're an experienced cyclist or a beginner just starting out, Pearl Izumi's Road Bike Gloves are sure to enhance your riding experience.