Bicycle chains are what drives the bike forward. It is the connection between your pedalling and the rear wheel, moving you along and making sure your drivetrain does its job.Wed stock a large range of chains from brands like KMC, Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo and FSA


Chains Buying Guide

There are many different types of bicycle chains on the market, each designed for a specific riding style. Whether you're a road rider or mountain biker, there's a chain that will suit your needs. In this buying guide, we'll take a look at some of the things to consider when choosing a chain for your bike.

When it comes to chains, durability is important. If you're a heavy rider or do a lot of off-road riding, you'll need a chain that can stand up to the elements. For road riding, you'll want a chain that's lightweight and low-friction. Mountain bikers need a chain that can handle the mud and grit of the trail.

When choosing a chain, it's important to find one that's compatible with your bike. Some chains are only compatible with certain drivetrains. Make sure to check the compatibility before you buy.

Once you've found the right chain for your bike, it's time to install it. Installing a chain is a relatively easy process, but it's important to do it correctly. If the chain is installed incorrectly, it can damage your drivetrain or even cause an accident.

If you're not confident in your ability to install the chain yourself, take it to a qualified bike mechanic. They'll be able to install the chain correctly and get you back on the road or trail in no time.

Guide to Our Brands

Shimano's 12 speed XT MTB chain is a reliable and durable option for your mountain bike. With 12 speeds, it offers plenty of gearing options for climbing and descending, and the robust construction can stand up to the rigors of off-road riding. Thanks to Shimano's advanced engineering, the XT chain is also quiet and smooth-running, making it a great choice for any mountain biker.

For road cyclists, the Shimano Ultegra chain is a top-of-the-line option that offers excellent performance and durability. With 11 speeds, it gives you plenty of gears to choose from, and the precision engineering ensures that it runs smoothly and quietly. The Ultegra chain is also designed to be compatible with both Shimano and SRAM road drivetrains, making it a versatile option for any road cyclist.

SRAM's NX chain is an affordable and reliable option for those running a SRAM Eagle 12-speed drivetrain. The NX chain is compatible with all SRAM Eagle 12-speed components, making it a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their drivetrain on a budget.

The XX1 chain is SRAM's flagship chain, designed for use with their top of the line XX1 Eagle 12-speed drivetrain. The XX1 chain features a titanium nitride coating that reduces friction and wear, and is compatible with all SRAM Eagle 12-speed components. The XX1 chain is the lightest weight option in the SRAM lineup, and is the perfect choice for cross country racers and riders looking for the ultimate in performance.