Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow Saddle - Black

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Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow Saddle - Black


Comfort, pleasure and an easily adaptable saddle are the basis of your dream drive: the necessary combination to satisfy your insatiable desire for adventure. The best choice for anyone who satisfies their senses over gruelling distances.

The MAN and LADY/DIVA saddle series provide the perfect balance between comfort and performance for both sexes. Although both have a different design, they create a similar driving experience.

  • idmatch: L2
  • Weight: 310g
  • Covering: Fibra-Tek
  • Dimensions: 262mm x 160mm
  • Saddle bars: Manganese Tube 7mm
  • Destination: highway, mtb


    Extra soft padding for extra comfort on long journeys.
    A technical microfibre material that is strong and durable, yet very lightweight.
    The special anatomical Gel Flow cut-out provides excellent comfort for sensitive areas, offering greater flexibility in the front of the saddle. Combined with a thin layer of silicone gel that absorbs all road vibrations, Gel Flow technology offers maximum comfort and low weight.
    Saddle bars made of manganese steel with 7mm diameter.
    The use of Shock Absorber between the shell and the saddle rods provides a damping system that absorbs and eliminates all road shocks and vibrations.

What is ID Match?

A special computer program, written for this purpose by Selle Italia's IT specialists, allows to adjust the appropriate model of the saddle to the individual needs of the rider. The idea of the Italians is to distinguish the application of the so called multi-phase measurement, for which it will be required to enter relevant data such as: age, sex, weight, height, distance covered in the season, spine angle (position on the bike), pelvic bone spacing, thigh circumference, etc. to the said computer program. With a view to using idMatch, a new Flite model was created, which together with the system was tested in the best Italian and Swiss shops and by the world's leading cyclists.

Details: We all know how difficult it is to fit a suitable saddle. And it's not about the basic comfort factor, which is the softness of the saddle, but perhaps the most important parameter, which is the width of the saddle. Narrow or wide? The question is important, a saddle that is too narrow will make you feel that you are sitting on so-called "soft" parts of your body. Too wide will cause the feeling of sitting on the "couch" and a high probability of rubbing your thighs against the edges.

Saddle manufacturers have come up against us by planting gel pads to locate sciatic tumors or trying to determine the position of sciatic tumors through our elasticity. All these methods are reasonably effective but based on one parameter, they are not entirely accurate. Selle Italia with the IDMatch system has decided to approach the subject more comprehensively and not to base the measurement system on just one parameter but on three, which gives more accurate results. The basis is the results of three measurements and the IDMatch system on the website.

The measurements are measured as follows: the width between the twisters (this is the distance measured on the outside of the femur), thigh circumference and pelvic position. The measurement of the width between the corners is based on the width between the sciatic tumors, which is a parameter that determines the width of the saddle. The second parameter that is measured is thigh circumference, this is especially important for people who narrowly guide their knees while riding and rub their thighs against the saddle. The third and last parameter is measuring the position of the pelvis when leaning forward, this allows you to determine whether you need a saddle with or without a hole. The results of the above measurements are entered on the IDMatch page, where the system suggests a suitable saddle for us after the calculations. Saddles are divided into categories S1, S2, S3 and L1, L2, L3. Saddles in the S category are narrow saddles, the L category is wide saddles, a digit after a letter indicates whether the saddle should be with a hole and how big.

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