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    Kuat Piston Pro X LED Dual Ratchet Platform Rack with Kashima - 2 Bike - 2" - Galaxy Gray Galaxy Gray


Kuat Piston Pro X LED Dual Ratchet Platform Rack with Kashima - 2 Bike - 2" - Galaxy Gray

Kuat Piston Pro X LED Dual Ratchet Platform Rack with Kashima - 2 Bike - 2" - Galaxy Gray

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Kuat Piston Pro X LED Dual Ratchet Platform Rack with Kashima - 2 Bike - 2" - Galaxy Gray

The Kuat Piston Pro X is ready to change your hitch rack game. Engineered and evolved from Kuat's deep knowledge and experience with automobile bike racks, the Piston Pro X combines all of the features you've been dreaming of.

Genuine Kashima-coated hydro-pneumatic arms make loading and unloading a one-handed operation. Touchless arms grab the tires, keeping your bike secure, and your paint pristine. Low-profile integrated led tail lights synchronize with your vehicle, providing enhanced rear visibility and on-road safety.

The Piston Pro X also offers a Flatlock hitch cam with a lockable install feature keeping your rack secure and wobble-free. QuickConnect modular design allows for the addition of a one or two-bike add-on with bike carrying capacity ranging from two, three, to four bikes. Kuat offers an optional e-bike ramp for easy loading and unloading of heavier e-bikes and tiered trays that add ground clearance and options for which bike riders can load and unload no matter which position the bike is in on the rack. Foot or hand actuated pivot on the two bike version and a clever end pull handle on the add-ons makes lowering the rack up or down, with the add-on, less of a stretch.

These and many other features culminate in a rack designed, built, and tested to push the envelope and provide you with unparalleled ease of use, peace of mind, and lasting value.


  • All aluminum construction with a steel hitch. It's burly and designed to stay that way. The all-metal construction and ten-year, no-fade Tiger Powder coat, means it will look great for the long haul.
  • Dual Genuine Kashima Coat hydro-pneumatic tire arms. The exclusive partnership with Genuine Kashima Coat brings the most advanced coating on the planet where you need it. One simple tap and the hydro-pneumatic arms open wide, then you just ratchet them in to fit on your bike tire perfectly—no contact with the frame. Beautiful and amazingly durable, it makes bells and whistles jealous.
  • Integrated LED taillights with magnetic quick-connect plug-in cable Folded or flat, these integrated LED lights make sure your beautiful ride doesn't block the taillights on your rig. Attaching is simple with a magnetic plug that fits right into your trailer light connection.
  • One-handed FastFit™ tool-free tire chock slides. Whether you are rolling on smallish wheels or beefy tires, you won't need any adapters or tools to make them fit. Just squeeze and slide to adjust the arms to hold 18"-29" tires up to 5" wide up to a 53" wheelbase.
  • Flatlock™ hitch cam with lockable, tamper-resistant install tool. No more wondering where you put that tool you need to make your rack wobble-free. It's right where you need it when you need it, held in place magnetically. Plus, you can lock it up for added security.
  • Hitch lock and semi-integrated cable lock. The hitch lock keeps the rack secured so no one can slide it out when you are not looking, and the semi-integrated 12mm cable lock makes sure your bike stays locked up tight while looking tight. Our FlatLock™ hitch cam is also a security tool for double safety.
  • QuickConnect™ Add-ons. When you have more than two bikes, quickly add one or two additional riders with our QuickConnect™ one bike or two bike add-on. The modular design makes attaching the additional trays super simple and the end pull handle makes pivoting the rack up or down convenient. Even easier than that? The lights automatically connect.
  • Optional eBike Ramp and selective bike unloading. Easily load and unload heavier cruisers and e-bikes with the optional eBike ramp and save the grunt work for the ride. AND, no need to take off the front bikes to get to the back one.

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