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IceToolz Portable Chain Tool

IceToolz Portable Chain Tool

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IceToolz Portable Chain Tool


This IceToolz chain tool is a beautifully designed and complete chain tool that can be taken with you on every bike ride due to its compact design.

This IceToolz chain tool also has a built-in chain disassembly aid, which makes repairing the chain a lot easier.

The IceToolz chain tool is also equipped with an extra protective cover that prevents the chain from coming loose. Pressing the guard onto the chain while using the chain tool will keep the chain in place. As a result, the pin of the chain tool is always perpendicular to the chain pin to be driven out, which prevents the pin of the chain tool from breaking off.

Make sure that the chain tool pushes the pin out far enough to loosen the link, but not so far that the pin is also pushed out of the outer link.

The chain can be bent slightly when the chain tool has pushed the pin out (almost) far enough.

  • Compatible with Shimano chains
  • For use with 5-12 speed chains
  • Include chain links storage

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