Dumonde Tech G10 Bio Green Lube

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Dumonde Tech G10 Bio Green Lube

Dumonde Tech G-10 Bio-Green Chain Lubricant is developed from plant, vegetable and/or seed oil, rated as bio-based and Earth friendly.  100% bio-degradable and 100% plant based. Dumonde Tech G-10 Bio-Green Chain Lubricant is backed up with our proprietary technology. Our products out-perform the competition and are safe for the environment. Your bicycle will have extreme protection, will allow you to ride longer, cleaner and more quietly.


Preparation and Application of Dumonde Tech G-10 Bio-Green Chain Lube:

To prepare for maximum performance from Dumonde Tech G-10 Bio-Green Chain Lube, use a high quality solvent, for example Dumonde Tech Citrus Solvent, to thoroughly clean and dry the chain before the first application.  You will only need to clean the chain once, prior to the first application of Bio-Green.

Apply sparingly and wipe off excess lubricant with a clean cloth to the point where the chain’s outer surface appears dry.  One ounce of Dumonde Tech  should give you at least 10 applications.

Re-apply Dumonde Tech G-10 Bio-Green only when you begin to hear your chain; sound, not appearance or time, is the best indicator of when the chain needs a reapplication of G-10 Bio-Green.  Use mild soap and water to clean between applications.