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    Bike Yoke Grippy Lock On Grips - Blue Blue

Bike Yoke

Bike Yoke Grippy Lock On Grips - Blue

Bike Yoke Grippy Lock On Grips - Blue

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Bike Yoke Grippy Lock On Grips - Blue


It's a grip. OK, it's a bicycle grip. We can't and won't say it is the best bicycle grip, because bicycle grips are a particularly personal thing.
Be it damping, thickness, length, texture, shape, ... There are simply too many boxes to tick to make a grip your favorite, there simply can't be THE ONE, can there?
Well, we did try to make a grip with a lot of features that we hoped would take away with some of the things we particularly did not like with some of the grips out there.

  • Honeycomb design

On some of your favorite grips, you may notice that, in a matter of a few rides, you can see small parts of the rubber already get twisted/torn or sheared off. Some grips provide excellent damping but the rubber may be too soft/squishy/sticky to be withstanding rough use over a longer period of time. For our Grippy we settled for a surface structure that reminds of a honeycomb and combined it with a material that provides a very good feel and grip, yet it is stiff and sturdy enough, you can not twist the rubber, which helps keep wear as little as possible.

  • Inner sleeve cutouts

For even more damping on the outside palm area, we designed cut-outs into the inner Nylon support sleeve, creating space for more rubber material all the way to the handlebar for more damping and support of the critical outside palm area.

  • Eccentric/offset design

The Grippy, while featuring a circular diameter is offset from the middle axis. Thinner grips usually allow for a firmer/better mechanical grip, thicker grips can give more damping and comfort. With the offset design, we created more damping where you need it - on the rearward facing side (palm side) of the grip towards the rider side - without increasing the overall diameter of the grip

  • Integrated Endcap

One thing we found particularly annoying is, the that outer ends of some grips tear too easily due to lack of or only a little protection from improperly designed endcaps. Scraping a tree, going down, these things happen and we do not want the grip to get torn too easily, right? So the black, integrated endcap mainly has two functions: a) the slightly tapered shape gives you excellent tactile feedback to feel where the grip ends and b) it gives solid protection against impacts. 

Not really much more to say about a grip, eh?

Well, maybe some obligatory specs:

  • Rubber material: TPR
  • Inner sleeve/endcap material: Nylon
  • Clamp material: aluminum, forged
  • Color clamp: titanium grey anodized
  • Weight: 113g/pair
  • Length: 140mm
  • Diameter (rubber part): 31mm
  • For handlebar diameter: 22.2mm

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