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Turner Cyclosys Cyclocross Frame

The Cyclosys answers the calls of both form and function. Holding true to the Turner cornerstone of crafting machines to enhance any ride, the Cyclosys deftly packages a range of features that yield a sleek and remarkably versatile bicycle for competitors and recreational riders alike.

The mission in creating this bike was to bridge categories rather than be defined by them. This approach required an open mind and a willingness to experiment extensively, put aside elements that fell short of our high expectations, and then ultimately refine every detail in pursuit of the perfect balance. The conclusion we reached is the Cyclosys. With responsiveness to rival a pure-bred cyclocross racer, it will always welcome the challenge of any course, and yet it maintains an even-keeled nature, making it a trusted ally on the long road to anywhere.

Really, at the heart of the Cyclosys is a love of adventure and a desire to enjoy every ride to its fullest. Whether you find yourself in the heat of a pitched bar-banging battle, slipping seamlessly through your favorite cityscape, or seeking solace in some great wide open, the Cyclosys is always ready to join you in the fun.

keyboard_arrow_right Features

The chainstays are radically asymmetrical, a first for Turner Bikes!

To take advantage of the extra room between the rear tire and left crank arm allowing for a massive 24mm, un-crushed left chainstay. This makes it possible to have very short chainstays and huge tire clearance but maintain a very rigid connection between crankset and rear hub. A major design consideration was maintaining massive tire clearance that will easily fit 43mm gravel tires, but still maintain the nimble handling of a CX frame, as even with the tighter geometry the bike is more fun to run gravel roads with, and this geometry normally requires aggressive tube forming of the drive side stay.

Everyone that designs a frame with short chainstay must compress a lot of the rigidity out of the tubes, but with this departure from the normal symmetrical forming of the stays we were able to notable increase BB stiffness, a welcome consideration when pushing hard out on a dozen turns per lap on a race course or when the gravel road has gotten steeper and steeper your gearing is gone and it is now time to stand and deliver every bit of energy into the pedals you have to make it up the steepest pitches.

A mathematical technique for analyzing stress points, which breaks down a physical structure into substructures called ‘finite elements’. These finite elements and their interrelationships are then converted into equation form and solved mathematically.

We use an FEA computer program to aide in the design of every Turner frame. This helps us maximize the strength and minimize the weight to insure a perfect balance is acheived as form follows function is the convention we adhere by.

This head tube is perfectly sized to work with a tapered steerer fork and the new 44XX lower head set bearing from Cane Creek. Stiffness gains of up to 20% can be had with a tapered steerer fork. With the upper bearing bore now at 44mm, the rider has the ability to run a ZeroStack headset on top. This setup will lower the hand position up to 10mm for more control on steep climbs and fast descents, where front end traction is enhanced through transferring the riders weight over the handle bar. Our ‘just right’ head tube design allows for the biggest bearing size on the bottom for a long head set life.

Subtle shaping to underside of the Top Tube to spread load over the shoulder with the benefit of a little wider tube for a lateral rigidity increase for better front end stability with out the weight gain of a larger diameter tube. Along with the asymmetrical chainstays, these subtle features sets the Cyclosys ahead of the pack when it comes to ride tuning.

142×12 THRU AXLE
Rising as the new rear axle standard, 142×12 thru-axles are stronger, stiffer, and simpler. Which is exactly why our mountain bikes come with them, it simply makes good sense. And to top it off we ship our bikes with the DT-Swiss RWS Alloy axle to insure the best performance possible from your Turner Bike!

Every aspect of the Turner Cyclosys is designed and engineered in the USA. From start-to-finish we have kept very tight tolerances to insure that it rides like a Turner which includes roughly 5 years of proto-types and testing; that is some thorough R & D.

The manufacturing is done overseas at a facility known for holding the highest standards of manufacturing.

Bigger bearing = better performance & longer service life; less corrosion (nylon cup barrier /lack of dissimilar materials/ Galvanic Corrosion); larger 30mm spindle allows stiffer and lighter crank assembly with up to 18% lighter than conventional threaded system; there is no risk of cross threading just to top it off! Smarter = Better.

Then as an added bonus the option to run an eccentric bottom-bracket for single-speed users.

The biggest reason why Turner Bikes chose to pioneer the use of post-mount rear brake mounting was to eliminate the adapter. All disc brake manufacturers and all new fork designs had already gone to the post-mount calipers due to the ease of set up and the increased rigidity provided. Plus, with the decision to create the post-mount rear dropout we removed two bolts that were doing nothing but adding weight and potential flex. An exceptional design begins with simplicity and commonsense.

Disc brakes offer unsurpassed modulation in any conditions, especially critical when using 33-40mm tires at high speeds on loose surfaces.

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