Shimano Saint M810 Disc Brake

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Shimano Saint M810 Disc Brakes   

Shimano's very first hydraulic disc brake offering   was a four-piston system, but everything since those first Deore XT   brakes has been two-piston. For 2009, though, Saint has gone back to a   four-pot setup. Like the venerable XTs, the Saint calipers feature   dual-diameter pistons resulting in one pair contacting the rotor   slightly before the others to improve modulation. The brake levers   feature the same Servo Wave design found on the existing XT group,   packaged into a really quite funky-looking black and gold design.   Tool-free reach adjust, bite-point adjustment and a sturdy lever blade   all feature.
The new brakes promise a remarkable 50% more   stopping power than the current Saint brakes (already no slouch in the   coming-to-a-halt stakes). We've only had a chance to do a couple of laps   of a car park on them, but they're certainly eye-popping performers -   the same amount of finger exertion that would bring you to a brisk halt   on XT is the fast route to Endo City on Saint. They'll take a bit of   getting used to, but once you do you should be able to look forward to   endless stop-ability.

  • Post Mount
  • 1000mm Hose - Front
  • 1700mm Hose - Rear

*Please note: Rotor not included