RockShox Pike RCT3 150 29" MaxLite15TA - White

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RockShox Pike RCT3 150 29" MaxLite15TA - White


One of the best things about the categorization of a regular old mountain bike ride as "enduro" means that there will be big investments made into developing products optimized for riding up hills and then descending them as fast as you can. This translates into "light enough to climb while stiff and plush enough to bomb," which is all we ever really wanted. A fork that does this very well is the Rock Shox Pike RCT3 29" Dual Position 150mm Fork. Claims of Lyrik-like stiffness and Revelation weight are true, ensuring the Pike will become one of Rock Shox's most popular offerings.

35mm stanchions sit inside magnesium lowers, which feature an asymmetric design to shave weight and add stiffness. First, the lower leg is slightly shorter on the damper-side leg, since the internal volume isn’t needed. Also, the brake-side ‘Power Bulge’ extends all the way down to the brake mount for added stiffness, but only supports the bushing area on the drive-side leg. New single lip seals reduce friction, and slotted bushings increase oil circulation to keep surfaces well-lubricated. The Charger damper and it's extruded rubber bladder. The extrusion process creates a bladder with consistent wall thickness and no seams to compromise the bladders integrity. Because the Charger damper is fully bled—no air in the system at all, just 3-weight oil—damping performance is incredibly consistent, regardless of ambient temperature or long, punishing downhill sections. Additionally, the Charger system can handle more impact force, relieving the spring of some absorption duties, and allowing the fork to sit higher, in the most responsive part of the spring rate. Further optimizing the Pike's potential responsiveness is the Rapid Recovery rebound damping system, which features user-adjustable beginning stroke rebound damping and fixed ending stroke rebound. Basically, the end stroke reaches a blow-off point and accelerates the return rate, preventing the fork from packing up over successive hits and letting the tire track the trail surface more efficiently. Again, this lets the Pike ride higher in it's travel and provides more control and responsiveness to the rider.

RCT3-equipped Pike's feature three trail settings; Open for maximum plushness, Pedal for a firmer and efficient feel, and Lock for the best pedaling efficiency. RCT3 models also have adjustable low speed compression, and Rapid Recovery Rebound.

With the turn of a knob, travel can be reduced 30mm on Dual Position Pikes.


  • Actual weight 2010 grams/4.43 lbs 
  • Axle to crown length: 562mm with PSI set for a 170lb rider
  • 150mm travel
  • 46mm offset
  • 29" wheel compatible only
  • Tapered steer tube
  • 35mm stanchions
  • Magnesium asymmetric lowers with Power Bulge
  • Dual Position air spring
    • 30mm on-the-fly travel reduction 
  • Charger damper
    • Extremely durable and consistent
    • Allows higher ride height
  • Rapid Recovery rebound
    • Externally adjustable beginning stroke
    • Accelerated end stroke allows better tracking and prevents "packing up"
  • RCT3 three position selector
    • Open, Pedal, Lock
  • Includes shock pump, extra seal kit, air spring volume spacers
  • Two year warranty

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