PedalCell USB Accessory Power Generator


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PedalCell USB Accessory Power Generator


The ultimate bicycle power source is here! PedalCell charges your essential devices to keep you safe and connected while riding.

Ride Dirty
PedalCell is ready for mud, rain, sleet and snow thanks to its aluminum and fiberglass nylon housing as well as 11 moisture-resistant seals.

Stay at 100%
Keep your devices charged, even under heavy use, thanks to PedalCell's patented electronics with 3X the power output than most dynamo generators.

Not a Drag
PedalCell saps minimal energy from your legs with 2-3X less drag per watt than dynamo generators and has the ability to disconnect in seconds.


Generator 15-20 watt output, can be decoupled when not in-use.

Smart Power Hub*

• Patented CadenceX Technology

• 1X prioritized safety USB-C (600mA, 5V)

• 1X high-powered device USB-C (2.4A, 5V)

Drag Adaptive Based on Speed and Device Power Needs

Weight 1 lb (490g)**

Enclosure Weather-resistant 30% Fiberglass Nylon and Aluminum

Consumables Rubber O-Ring Replacement every ~2-3K miles

Top Speed Decouple above 40 MPH

Compatibility Fits most bicycles with a circular or oval fork design. Can be mounted on the rear seat/chainstay of select bicycles***

*Actual power varies depending on speed, mount location, and device used.

**540g with strap and cable

***Not recommended on Carbon rims and Inverted Fork Suspensions